• HO Scale Lonestar Models International Transport (Green) Truck Tractor Decal Fleet Pack (3)

NOTE: Decal shown several times actual size for clarity

#12026-3 - Company Decal Accessory Pack - International Transport (Green Lettering) (3 sets)

Decals For Truck Tractors & Trailers, 1/87 (HO) scale - Includes decals for International Transport company door logos, trailer logos, unit numbers, and fuel and use permit decals (3 sets)
International Transport was based in Rochester, Minnesota and carried all types of farm, construction, and industrial equipment and machinery produced in the upper Midwest and delivered throughout the United States and Canada. International Transport had two colors of lettering and decals; the more common one in green as in this set and a set with yellow outline and lettering which we intend to offer later. International Transport operators seem to have had new and "lightly used" trucks that were extremely well maintained. All owner-operator truck tractors we've uncovered were painted in the "standard colors" for International Transport, dark green and yellow-gold, but without a specific scheme (refer to prototype photos; we recommend Hank's Truck Pictures); we believe the paint colors were a requirement for leasing on with International Transport. . We've uncovered only a pair photos of International Transport logos on tractors not in the dark green and yellow-gold paint colors but not knowing the specifics it would appear to be the extreme exception rather than the rule. Suitable readily available 1/87 (HO) scale models would include Athearn Freightliner and Kenworth models, especially in the fancy owner operator paint schemes in appropriate dark green and yellow-gold. Older Herpa North American prototype models would also be appropriate. Any resin or specialty sleeper equipped model truck tractors from the late '60s through late '80s, painted in dark green and yellow-gold, would be good candidates as well.

Decal Placement Instructions: 


Main door panel decal - centered on both cab doors

Permit data decal - affixed to sleeper sides behind cab doors

Unit number decals - front of cab below both windshields on cabovers; either side of hood near grille/radiator shell. Both cabovers and conventionals also have unit numbers placed on sleeper sides, usually above permit data

"IT" logo decal - left side (only) front of cab on cabovers; affixed to front fenders facing forward on conventional truck tractors, usually both sides

HO Scale Lonestar Models International Transport (Green) Truck Tractor Decal Fleet Pack (3)

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