About Masterbilt Models

Masterbilt Models is owned and operated by Bob Johnson, who has been deeply involved in the 1/87 (HO) scale vehicle modeling community since 1995 as a member of the 1/87 Vehicle Club. Bob presented a proposal in 1998 to the officers of the club to create and maintain a web site to promote the club’s goals of advancing and promoting the hobby with higher quality models and assist in the devlopment of new models. He has been solely responsible for the content and maintenance of the club’s web site throughout its 20+ year existence. Bob became an active partner in Lonestar Models, a manufacturer of high quality 1/87 scale trailer and accessory kits and parts in 1998. He became a partner in Classic Mint Collectibles, the supplier of museum quality 1/87 scale brass models, in 2002. Bob’s responsibilities for Classic Mint included the extensive reeasearch and development of the landmark 1/87 scale Peterbilt 379 brass truck tractor models. Bob continues to maintain the 1/87 Vehicle Club web site and participates in the organization and planning of the groups annual gatherings in W. Springfield, Massachusetts and, more recently, St. Louis, Missouri.

Masterbilt Models was started in 2006 to provide high quality 1/87 (HO) scale resin truck kits and parts to complement the available products at the time. We partnered with Truck Stop Models (no longer in business) for distribution to modelers.

We exited the resin business in 2012 due to difficulties in sourcing quality resin castings on a reliable basis and, more importantly, the appearance of unauthorized copies of our products in very poor quality resin castings. After spending substantial sums of money for mold masters to offer modelers high quality products, some seemed to have no problem with the ethics of selling very poor quality copies of our resin products.

In 2016 we reached an agreement to partner with River Point Station, becoming a dealer for the highest quality supplier of North American vehicle prototype vehicles. We will selectively add other product lines that complement our mission to provide the best products possible for 1/87 (HO) scale model modelers and collectors.

Bob Johnson