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River Point Station Announces New Service Body/Utility Truck Models! Updated May 7, 2017 - The long awaited service body and utility body equipped versions of River Point Station's outstanding 2008 Ford F-450 models have been announced with projected delivery in late summer. Three versions will be available; service body models, service body with bucket lift, and railroad maintenance of way version with service body, bucket lift, and hi-rail equipment. We are now accepting pre-orders on these great models. Pricing has not been finalized but projected in the $25-$28 range depending on accessories. Check our catalog for colors and paint schemes to be available. Also announced are separately available components - service body, bucket lift, jib crane, strobe lights, and other accessories, all projected to be priced around $10; check our catalog Accessory section for more details.

Exhaust Heat Shields Arrive! - After many, many requests from modelers who have seen the test samples of our exhaust heat shields displayed on models in 1/87 Vehicle Club Photo Galleries, we are very pleased to announce immediate availability of the exhaust heat shields in three different styles. These photo-etched stainless steel heat shields are pretty spectacular when installed on an outstanding model and just the thing to make your models stand out from the crowd!

Special Introductory Offer - In case you're not sure which style is right for your chosen model or are just curious, we offer a special combo pack that has one pair of each style of exhaust heat shield at a special introductory price.

We've now received both shipments from River Point Station of the second production run of regular cab 208 Ford pickup truck models. We have plenty of the most popular solid colors, railroad names (hi-rail versions), and fire department investigation unit models in stock now! All the dual wheel versions from this run have flared front fenders. The delivery of the regular cab 2008 Ford pickup truck models from River Point Station marks a dramatic improvement in the supply chain for RPS. We expect in the coming months to announce all new products that have been in the works for several years and delivery of those all new products sometime late this year or early 2018. Things are definitely looking up for fans of River Point Station's great products!

This current production run includes the four basic variations delivered in December 2016 - regular cab with single rear wheels, regular cab with hi-rail setup and single rear wheels, regular cab with dual rear wheels, and an HD (heavy duty) dual rear wheel version with flared front fenders. While not all variations from the December delivery have been rerun, the most popular Ford factory color schemes are available. This production run also introduces new accessory packs (chrome ladder set, spare parts set, etc.) and River Point Station has confirmed there will be delivery of Type 2 caps not available earlier from the crew cab production run.

We still have a handful of the special quantity purchase of River Point Station 2007 Ford Expedition models with "Sail & Power LLC Dockside Services" paint scheme. We are offering them at steep discounts. These are extraordinary models as can be seen in the photos and make very good customizing or kitbashing projects.


538-7607.53 River Point Station 2007 Ford Expedition - Sail & Power LLC (White)

538-7607.53 River Point Station 2007 Ford Expedition - Sail & Power LLC (White)

River Point Station 1/87 (HO) Scale 2007 Ford Expedition EL - White [USED!] Sail & Power..

$9.95 $14.95